“My goal is to be present in the moment with my clients, invite them into fuller awareness of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and find a way into the possibility of healing experiences.”

Psychotherapy can help you grow wiser about yourself and your challenges.  Old patterns of behavior and perception come to light, and new options can emerge to support the achievement of your goals.

What distinguishes my therapy style?

I am very curious and non-judgmental. I delight in holding a safe, kind space for you to get clear about what you most need at this time. In this space, patterns of experience that are causing distress can emerge, as can clarity of what will help relieve that distress.

I am open to a wide range of possibilities of what can help and be useful to my clients– from practices that engage creative expression, to practices that engage greater awareness and physical health, to practices that expand social and interpersonal relationships. Having worked with many clients over several decades, I am aware that the process of successful psychotherapy often follows well-established paths. Yet I also know that solutions emerge that are unique to an individual’s personal history as well as the specific form of an individual’s needs and situation. Often, a full and clarifying experience of “unpacking” the details of a difficult situation allows the path forward to quickly emerge into view, and into action.

Sessions and Pricing

  • Sessions are $95 without insurance, I am happy to assist with billing insurance.

  • The initial session is 60-75 minutes, and follow up sessions are around 60 minutes.

  • Sessions held in Asheville on Wednesdays and Fridays, and Burnsville on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, with some flexibility as needed.

  • If desired, I can refer to Asheville-based psychiatrists.

About Paul

I grew up in New York City and have lived in Western North Carolina since 1985.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in East Asian Studies from Duke University in Durham, NC, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA.

Prior to going into private practice in 2006, I worked as a mental health counselor at the community mental health center in Burnsville, NC and as a bereavement counselor for Hospice of Yancey County.